A foundation to manage your most important asset

Employee Self Service delivers a superior user experience by combining web-based simplicity with powerful and practical features that drive productivity and user satisfaction.



SmartESS is a comprehensive, web-based, fully customizable Human Capital Management System, developed to organize and maintain human capital in an effective, efficient and intelligent way. Using SmartESS, you will gain total control over the entire human resource management cycle. From requisition generation, employee performance, performance management systems to planning, scheduling and separation of employee, your enterprise will have full insight into every aspect of employee management. SmartESS provide a web-based Employee Module solution that helps you manage staff from date of hire to separation. Secure database stores vital information about employees, so sensitive data is kept safe.


State-of-the-art solution developed on top of a flexible and easily extendible web, mobile and cloud ready technology platform.

* Highly parameterized, user friendly & flexible to accommodate your requirements
* Helpful in paperless environment
* Robust, proven, off-the-shelf package, ready be implement immediately
* Strong security features with capability to define user access-rights down to atomic activity level
* Maintains complete history and audit log
* Online availability of business critical information for prompt decision-making
* Each module with wide range of reports
* Email and SMS alerts / notifications / reminders

* Powerful query facility to filter and review information on a wide range of parameters.
* Ability to build and store queries for repetitive usage

From recruiting and managing talent, to accurately forecasting future workforce needs, SmartHCM enables you to proactively manage HR operations while focusing on strategic business initiatives.