Leave Management

Leave Management is one of the most important HR processes, that consumes a small but significant portion of managerial time. While managers are usually overloaded with projects & hunger for resources, approving subordinates leaves is a tight rope walk. SmartHCM’s leaves management maintains compliance with leave policy, ensures availability of sufficient resources for business continuance and improved employee satisfaction.

  • Accurate information about leave data: Provides accurate information about the leave balances, leave trends etc. which allows you to forecast available resources at any point of time.
  • Conveying policy rules: A build-in helps, messages etc. to convey leave policy rules like maximum / minimum number of days, leave clubbing, holiday calendar management according to location etc. Employees can at anytime refer to the leave policy before applying leaves.
  • Compliance to leave policy: Often, lack of knowledge about organizational leave policies, lead to negligence of leave policy rules by employees and managers . A Leave Management has intact rules, that does not allow employee or manager to bypass rules while applying or approving leaves.
  • Instant information about employee’s Leave History: Leave management also allows manager and HR to look at leave history of the applicant. Leave history for the department or company can also be extracted immediately.
  • Saves Time: Online leave balance visibility can remove a tremendous strain on HR where as much as 15% of their time is spent in handling queries on leave balance for employees.
  • Improves Discipline: Leave, when paired with attendance, can improve accuracy and build discipline in any organization. For instance some companies may have a policy of enforcing a leave without pay in attendance if an employee is absent from work without managers permission.
  • Multi-location Holiday management: Leave when paired with location specific holiday calendars can help calculate the correct number of days that an employee applied for leave. These can help in implementing the leave policy of an organization and remove confusion.