Payroll Management

SmartHCM Payroll is a high-performance, graphical, rules-based payroll management system designed to keep pace with the changing needs of your enterprise and workforce. SmartHCM's approach to payroll management allows you to reduce administration, lower setup costs and errors while improving your reporting, analysis capabilities and responsiveness.


SmartHCM offers a flexible payroll solution featuring streamlined data entry, this solution provides enhanced payroll accuracy and efficiency. Powerful tax compliance reporting & analysis, accrual balances, multilevel security, and a variety of check disbursing options provide maximum control and flexibility. Payroll Management also equips you with the tools and reports you need for strategic planning. Tight integration with the Employee and HR modules, your payroll data is available throughout the HR system. 

  • Make the payroll ready on single click each month.
  • Maintains records of the various components of salary.
  • Categories the salary components on the basis of allowances/deductions.
  • Auto-generates Salary Sheet and Salary Slip of all employees.
  • Generates various payroll reports reducing paperwork in the organization.
  • Emailing of generated payroll reports from the application itself.


Payroll module enables organizations to define and manage diverse payroll requirements that reflect their company policies and regulations. It gives complete freedom of defining earnings, deductions, loans and leaves. The parameters to calculate each earning and deduction can be configured. Moreover, it offers a unique feature of programmable fields in customization.

Apart from standard reports like payslip, paysheet, job-wise/site-wise reports, bonus and gratuity reports, the solution can also generate complex statutory reports such as PF statements, ESI statements and income tax reports