Allowances & Deductions

SmartHCM helps to maintain details of various setup based allowances and deductions that need to be apply to the employees of the organization. It automatically calculate and generates in the salary sheet that assists the accounts department in many ways.

SmartHCM is integrated with time office and payroll, it maintain attendance with late coming records and take care of applicable salary deduction based on the defined rules and setup of organization.

SmartHCM can help to calculate allowances and deductions no matter how complex and how comprehensive they are. It can calculate allowances and deductions which is particular percentage on basic or gross salary or based on some other allowances or some fixed amount or rate of something or a payment.  It can also calculate for some particular employee allowance / deduction for some particular month. It can also calculate penalties on minute / hour / daily / monthly / yearly basis. SmartHCM can also help for a particular machine allowance with different applicable rates and etc.