Employee Management

When your human resources solution brings all information you need in one place, you can achieve more and you can do it faster and economically. SmartHCM enables you to track and monitor all HR-related data elements required by the business. Managing the organizational structure requires establishing reporting relationships and various grouping entities, extending down to the individual position for some industry segments.

Job information is critical to other strategic phases, and it forms the foundation for many compliance activities. In addition, tracking worker demographic and employment data is also an essential component. It is important to note that core data management processes have recently expanded to include various types of contingent workers (for example, contractors, temporary employees, interns), so that your organization can get a complete picture of who is doing what work, and where.

Regardless of whether you are performing routine operations or strategic organizational changes, such as mass transfers, you work with a single, consistent, globally accessible record for each employee.

Consolidating data in this way allows for improved analysis, better hiring and deployment decisions, and earlier detection of cost-saving opportunities.