Appraisal & Performance Management

SmartHCM HR automates administrative HR tasks and reduce the time and costs associated with those tasks. This frees your HR staff to focus on activities that generate real business value and improves the productivity of your HR and line managers. At the same time, you can standardize and consolidate all workforce-related core processes and data onto a single platform while adhering to local regulations and laws.

SmartHCM is developed to allow the companies to manage information based on their unique HR structure and needs. Data is entered just once and is used by the entire HR system. HR Management has the flexibility and the power to put critical data in front you whenever you need it. Employee training and certification, increments, leaves may also be tracked and it examines the need of employees for any particular training. And of course, a high level of security protects all sensitive employee data.


SmartHCM offers a comprehensive loan module to completely manage all aspects of loans given to employees. It provides the flexibility required in creating, maintaining, and processing various types of loan, and takes care of management with its comprehensive reporting facility. Furthermore, since it is highly parameterized, the various control functions allow management to design and immediately implement loan products to satisfy individual client markets.

  • Facility to create any number of loan types offered to employees like car loans, house loans, furniture loans, salary advance etc.
  • Capture extensive information about a loan like loan amount, start and end date, interest type, number of installments, etc.
  • Online application and approval of loans through ESS.
  • Facility for lump sump repayments outside of payrolls.
  • Loans deductions automatically stop after total recovery.
  • Automatically considered for recovery during final settlement.
  • Various employee-wise and summary loan reports.
  • Management of multiple of loan through single deduction from salary.



SmartHCM provide comprehensive deputation management solution. When an employee move from one department to another or to an external location for some official work, SmartHCM take care of all the matters during this transaction.

Employee performance management with SmartHCM helps you to plan, assess, improve, and analyze the performance of your workforce from end to end. You can align individual objectives with corporate goals by cascading your enterprise strategy; assess and manage performance through feedback, development, and appraisals; and reward your employees accordingly. The solution is highly adaptable, allowing you to tailor both the content of your performance feedback documents and processes to the needs of your organization.

360 Degree Appraisal

360 degree feedback, also known as “multi-rater feedback”, is the most comprehensive appraisal where the feedback about the employees’ performance comes from all the sources that come in contact with the employee on his job.

360 degree respondents for an employee can be his/her peers, managers (i.e. superior), subordinates, team members, customers, suppliers/ vendors - anyone who comes into contact with the employee and can provide valuable insights and information or feedback regarding the "on-the-job" performance of the employee.

360degree inline

Self appraisal gives a chance to the employee to look at his/her strengths and weaknesses, his achievements, and judge his own performance. Superior’s appraisal forms the traditional part of the 360 degree performance appraisal where the employees’ responsibilities and actual performance is rated by the superior.

Subordinates appraisal gives a chance to judge the employee on the parameters like communication and motivating abilities, superior’s ability to delegate the work, leadership qualities etc. Also known as internal customers, the correct feedback given by peers can help to find employees’ abilities to work in a team, co-operation and sensitivity towards others.

Self assessment is an indispensable part of 360 degree appraisals and therefore 360 degree Performance appraisal have high employee involvement and also have the strongest impact on behavior and performance. It provides a "360-degree review" of the employees’ performance and is considered to be one of the most credible performance appraisal methods.

360 degree performance appraisal is also a powerful developmental tool because when conducted at regular intervals (say yearly) it helps to keep a track of the changes others’ perceptions about the employees. A 360 degree appraisal is generally found more suitable for the managers as it helps to assess their leadership and managing styles. This technique is being effectively used across the globe for performance appraisals.


A crucial step in any talent management program is grooming employees through training and development.  With the right information, you can streamline the administrative details of your employee development program and empower your employees as partners in the process.

Fully integrated training module of SmartHCM, provides information such as appraisals, training needs & objectives, skills and etc on any individual, group or department. This enables line managers to identify the availability of relevant courses and place a training request whilst conducting an appraisal. The sophisticated Career Progression feature performs complex skill gap analysis, providing managers with the information they need to discuss employee development;

  • Schedule courses, classes, facilities, and trainers
  • Publish training calendar online
  • Empower employees to view online calendar and request training
  • Manage wait lists
  • Record grades and credits for completed classes
  • Compare job requirements to outstanding needs and qualifications
  • Quick, easy reports and analytics