Training Management

A crucial step in any talent management program is grooming employees through training and development.  With the right information, you can streamline the administrative details of your employee development program and empower your employees as partners in the process.

Fully integrated training module of SmartHCM, provides information such as appraisals, training needs & objectives, skills and etc on any individual, group or department. This enables line managers to identify the availability of relevant courses and place a training request whilst conducting an appraisal. The sophisticated Career Progression feature performs complex skill gap analysis, providing managers with the information they need to discuss employee development;

  • Schedule courses, classes, facilities, and trainers
  • Publish training calendar online
  • Empower employees to view online calendar and request training
  • Manage wait lists
  • Record grades and credits for completed classes
  • Compare job requirements to outstanding needs and qualifications
  • Quick, easy reports and analytics