Machine Attendance

SmartHCM Camera Capture is an integrated plugin which facilitate HR to capture the workforce photograph and store directly into SmartHCM. These photographs are used in SmartHCM as file photo, profile photo, official ID cards and etc.

Empower your employees with real-time visibility and control of their work life anytime and anywhere, increasing engagement and satisfaction with SmartHCM Mobile App

With SmartHCM Mobile App, your staff will have the tools they need to perform a wide range of HR activities in real time – including payroll information, leave requests and approvals, corporate metrics, and more – all on a mobile device.

  • Empower workers to do their jobs whenever, wherever, on any device
  • Accelerate workflows with informative alerts and notifications
  • Deliver the insight people need to make better decisions in the moment
  • Create innovative HR processes by using native device capabilities, including location awareness
  • Increase the adoption of HR processes to maximize the value of your back-end systems